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Product Review -- Anti-Fatigue Computer Gaming Glasses

Product Review -- Anti-Fatigue Computer Gaming Glasses

This will be a quick review of the least expensive pair of Anti-Fatigue Computer Gaming Glasses I have on Colorado Peaks Online Store.

me and a pair of yellow lens anti-blue light-ray computer glasses

First of all, at the price of $11.99 (slightly more if you get the fancy case), I myself was wondering if they'd even work. Seriously, things have to be really, really expensive if they're going to work, right?

Wrong. These things are -- overall -- pretty awesome. 

What's included?

1) glasses 
2) case (optional)
3) cleaning cloth (only comes with optional case)


How did I use them? 

For this pair (and I'll explain why in a bit), I wore them exclusively at home when I worked at the computer. Work. Gaming. News. The normal computer stuff!

Impression? -- Yes, these are worth it, with one or two possible exceptions...

Again, I was a bit skeptical, especially considering the price. However, I have to say--again--that they are awesome. They aren't too heavy and overbearing. And if I've spent hours in front of the computer, I get up because I'm tired of being at the computer, not because my eyes are hurting and/or I have a headache. I did find that I was able to wind down for bed more easily after wearing these at the computer, versus being up...forever. 

Just for the fun of it, I even tried getting up late at night and doing stuff on the computer before trying to go back to sleep. With these glasses blocking the screen's blue light, I didn't really wake myself up and was able to go back to sleep. 

anti-blue light-ray computer glasses in-handme wearing the anti-blue light-ray computer glasses
The only drawback might be (possibly) the shape of the frames. Some people might find them a bit thick/heavy. The thing that got me is the design, IE, the gold decorative piece on the side. My opinion, these look dorky. As such, I probably won't take this pair to work. Others may not care. You decide! 

Overall, is a non-perfect frame and a little dorkiness worth knowing that I can spend hours in front of the computer and not pay for it later? Yes, definitely. I'd definitely get these again. 

Thank you for reading! 

Anti-Fatigue Computer Gaming Glasses

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